2009 Latin America Meeting of the Emerging Markets Forum, April 1-3, 2009 Bogota, Colombia

The second meeting of the Latin America Emerging Markets Forum took place in Bogota, Colombia, on April 1–3, 2009.

The Latin America Forum addressed pressing economic and social concerns of the countries in the region. This year’s meeting mainly focused on the impact of the global financial turmoil in Latin America, the lessons that can be drawn from it, the economic prospect for Colombia, the importance of inclusive growth, infrastructure development, trade and investment in the region.

This meeting provided a timely and ideal platform which enabled us to have frank and honest discussions about the global economic crisis and the many challenges ahead.

The below background papers aimed to provide the basic structure and guidance for most of the discussions:

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2009 Latin America Meeting of the EMF Background Papers

By Jack Boorman, EMF.

By Nora Lustig, GW University & Center for Global Development.

Stefania Scandizzo & Pablo Sanguinetti, Corporación Andina de Fomento.

By Claudio Loser, Centennial Group.

By Claudio Loser, Centennial Group.

By Juan Carlos Echeverry, University of Los Andes, Colombia.