• The Emerging Markets Forum is a not-for-profit initiative that brings together high-level government and corporate leaders from around the world to engage in dialogue on the key economic, financial, and social issues facing emerging market countries.

The Forum is focused on some 1200 emerging market economies in Asia, Eurasia, Latin America, and Africa that share prospects of superior economic performance, already have created or seek to create a conducive business environment, and are of interest to private investors, both domestic and international. Emerging market countries vary in size, history, resource endowments, and income levels, but they share common aspirations and often face similar challenges for achieving sustainable growth. The Emerging Markets Forum is committed to bridging the gaps across countries through knowledge sharing, policy debate, and private-sector engagement to facilitate their common goal of more inclusive and sustainable economic and social development. Many countries are implementing strategies that will lead to faster economic growth and social progress through prudent macroeconomic management, economic liberalization, curbing entrenched vested interest groups, openness to global markets, and support for a dynamic domestic private sector, combined with policies to control anti-competitive behavior. Emerging market countries and the international business community share an interest in trade and investment and in issues specific to these economies. The Emerging Markets Forum aims to enable leaders from these countries to engage in a candid exchange of views with their peers in a private and intimate setting. The Emerging Markets Forum focuses on substantive discussions on select common issues and on reaching actionable solutions and conclusions, which can then be disseminated and applied by the participants in their respective countries and organizations. This is pivotal in ensuring that the Forum serves not only as an avenue to cultivate such discussion but also as an avenue to reach consensus on approaches in dealing with common challenges.