In 2011, the Emerging Markets Institute (EMI) was founded by two parties: Beijing Normal University School of Development and the Emerging Markets Forum.

For more than a hundred years, Beijing Normal University has earned widespread recognition in China
as one of the earliest adopters of the university system at the beginning of the 20th century. Over the years, the School of Development has been home to a large group of renowned scholars who have promoted culture and stimulated education.

The EMI brings business, politics, and academics together, provides high-level policy and advisory services to help emerging market countries achieve more inclusive and sustainable development. The Institute aims to become the premier independent think tank in Asia on economic and social issues. It hopes to develop international research methods, serve governments, and provide strategic analysis and advice to the business and academic organizations, using EMF’s rich experience in global best practice and innovation. Its main objectives are: provide policy advice on economic and social development to governments; provide advisory services on international investments and trades to businesses; build a platform for visiting scholars and exchange students from/to China; organize high-level forums; and provide training supports to experts, universities, and multinational organizations. The Institute aims to enhance Asia’s development of human capital, as well as promote social and academic cooperation, not only throughout Asia but also the global South.

The EMF, the EMI and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) hosted 2015 Beijing Forum for Emerging Markets on November 3-5, 2015 in the Great Hall of the People. The meeting was structured around the following themes: New Normal, Challenge and Opportunities of China and the Emerging Economies; Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Internationalization of Chinese Currency RMB and the Emerging Markets; China FDI and Economic Cooperation among Emerging Markets Countries; and Urbanization of China and Emerging Markets Countries: Past and Future. The meeting was attended by 300 participants. Yuanchao Li, The Vice President of the People’s Republic of China met with some of the distinguished participants.