The 2013 Global Meeting of the Emerging Markets Forum

“Good governance is always easy and effective governance. We should have no doubts about democracy – it has a strong foundation and flexible structure – let us design useful practices and processes in this framework. … Governance must be system based and policy driven. It reduces subjectivity and corruption,” Modi added.

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Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Monday sold the state’s governance model to emerging market leaders. However, he circumvented both the economic problems facing the country as well as the solutions to those.

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Narendra Modi’s Address to the 2013 Global Meeting of the Emerging Markets Forum

“It is a mistake to consider these emerging counties (like India) only as markets. Are they simply markets? Can we change our terminology? They are emerging growth centres! These nations are blessed with immense potential for human resources and in terms of being cost-effective,” he said, addressing the audience at ‘Global Emerging Markets Forum’ event in Washington via video-conference from his residence in Gandhiangar.

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“People are ready to listen for the sake of development. People are ready for bitter pills only that they want an assurance that what’s happening is for their greater good. People need to have faith,” he said.

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On democracy, he said that it has got its own defects, but it is the best system for a country as diverse as India. “Most high-performing countries of the world are democracies, all have passed through feudal and agrarian societies and authoritarian regimes.

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Since Modi was anointed as the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate in September, he has been trying to project a persona that’s at variance with the picture his critics have tried to paint of him—of a polarizing politician with a divisive agenda based on the concept of Hindutva.

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The conference on emerging economies will begin tomorrow in Washington, DC.

Odinga used his last visit to pursuade US investors to support Kenya’s devolved units by directing their investments to various counties saying this would ensure equitable economic growth and create jobs opportunities.

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Modi stated that for a government the biggest agenda is the goodness of the people because the governments are the guardians of the people’s interests. He added that humility is very important and that governments must accept the collective wisdom of the people.

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Problem is we take government as provider and this prevents people from being active partners in development. Those in the government have to understand that people`s good is the biggest agenda,” he said talking about the need for the politics of development in today’s times.

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