In Remembrance of President Benjamin Mkapa

Nearly a year ago, the world lost a champion of development with the passing of President Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania. President Mkapa is remembered for having impacted countless lives in Africa, and Tanzania in particular, through his efforts to address many of the development challenges both during and after his Presidency. His unyielding fight to ensure availability of quality health services and to strengthen health and human capital development systems highlights his vision, the strength of his character, and courage of his convictions. 

We had the honor of establishing the Africa Emerging Markets Forum with President Mkapa who continued to serve as a co-chair. His vision helped shape the Forum and his leadership allowed it to become an impactful thought-leader. The Forum continues in his image focusing on building human capital in Africa to help improve lives and livelihoods across the continent. 

Today, we at the Forum are pleased to announce that we are making a donation to the Mkapa Foundation in fond remembrance of President Benjamin Mkapa and to help continue his remarkable work. We firmly believe that the Mkapa Foundation is a force for transformative change in Tanzania and will continue to bring hope and change the lives of Tanzanians well into the future. As we remember and honor President Mkapa, it is our hope that our donation will support the Mkapa Foundation in continuing his legacy.

Harinder Kohli, Chief Executive