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Book Launch Seminar: The Belt and Road Initiative & Global 2030 Sustainability

On January 25th, in a hybrid format, EMF held a book launch seminar in DC on its latest book: The Belt and Road Initiative & Global 2030 Sustainability. The book discusses the progress of the BRI as it enters its tenth year after being launched in 2013 and becoming by far the biggest bilateral development assistance program in the world. The assessment focuses particularly on two aspects: the impact of the major policy changes in its design and structuring that were announced at the Second BRI Forum, held in Beijing in April 2019, to resolve its initial teething problems, and the prospects of the BRI contributing to the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainability Goals. 

The seminar began with an examination of the Sri Lankan ‘inside-out’ case study, one of eleven such case studies, by Dr. Ganehsan. After the case study, Johannes Linn gave a high-level overview of key conclusions, issues, and recommendations. Rajat Nag then dove into climate finance and environmental issues specifically. 

The book is now available for purchase on Amazon.