A New Vision for Mexico 2042: Achieving Prosperity for All

Countries, like people, need an identity and purpose, a clear project, a worthwhile roadmap, and music of the future. Their transformation needs to start with a clear narrative of where they want to go. The future needs to be drawn very clearly. This book has the rigor of a professional diagnosis and the music of a credible promise of the future. The diagnosis points in five strategic directions:

  1. The need for a highly competitive economy based, among others, on the quality of its human capital.
  2. A strategy for reducing inequality and increasing inclusion at every level.
  3. Increased competitiveness in the business environment, through the reduction of monopolistic practices, and rules for free and fair access to markets.
  4. Macroeconomic stability and the strengthening of public finance.
  5. A stronger rule of law, the most important pending issue in Mexican public life.

Mexico has pulled out half of itself from the waters of the past. To pull out the other half and move fully into the future, Mexico needs strategic decisions and clear leadership. But it also needs ideas, roadmaps, identification of public policies, whose results can be measured and can be demanded, as this study suggests.

The greatest strength of Mexico is its people, who want more, look for their own way and are willing to accept major material sacrifices to find it: a people looking for the wellbeing and the progress that only a profound shift of the Mexican economy and the country’s idea of the future can provide.

Our executive report from this study can now be found on our website at the following links:

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