2007 Latin America Meeting of the Emerging Markets Forum, December 12-14, 2007 Montevideo, Uruguay

The Emerging Markets Forum launched in 2007 a new initiative focusing on Latin America.

Information for the December 12-14, 2007, Forum in Montevideo, Uruguay:

Its Latin America Inaugural Meeting took place on 7 June 2007 in Madrid in coordination with the Iberoamerica General Secretariat and was hosted by the Bank of Spain. It was limited to a select group of 30 leaders from business, government and academia from the Americas and Europe for a one-day discussion aimed at identifying the region’s key economic trends and priorities.

Mr Michel Camdessus, Governor Emeritus, Banque de France, France and Mr Enrique Iglesias, Secretary General of Iberoamerica General Secretariat, Spain co-chaired the Madrid meeting and future ones Cardoso of Brazil and Carlos Mesa of Bolivia) and Michel Camdessus, former in the region.

This first gathering also served as a preparatory discussion to define the main themes and additional decision-makers to be invited for a larger meeting in Uruguay in the autumn. Supported by an Advisory Board (see below) composed of influential personalities, the Inaugural Meeting of the Latin America Emerging Markets Forum will establish itself as a regional platform for public and private dialogue aimed at building long-term strategies and partnerships as strengthening growth and equity.

In order to keep the discussion in Madrid focused, the programme and the five-page draft paper which are being prepared will be structured around the following themes:

  • Recent political developments and changes in dominant economic thinking in the region
  • Role of macro-economic balance in promoting growth and economic and social development
  • Regional cooperation: trade and investment
  • Regional cooperation: financial integration
  • Regional cooperation: physical connectivity
  • Regional cooperation: energy

For further information, please contact info@emergingmarketsforum.org.

The members of the Latin America Advisory Board include:

  • Eduardo Aninat, Former Minister of Finance of Chile, Embassador of Chile to Mexico, Mexico
  • Guillermo de la Dehesa, Member of the Board of Banco Santander, Vice-Chairman, Goldman Sachs Europe, Spain
  • Clarisa Estol, Chairwomen and Chief Executive Officer, Banco Hipotecario, Argentina
  • Francisco Gil Diaz, Former Secretary of Finance of Mexico, President, Movistar Mexico and Central America, Mexico
  • Manuel González, Former Minister of Trade of Costa Rica, Partner, Facio & Cañas, Costa Rica
  • Rolf Jeker, Chair, Swiss Export Council, Switzerland
  • Gautam Kaji, Chairman, Emerging Markets Forum Advisory Board, USA
  • Harinder Kohli, Chief Executive Officer, Emerging Markets Forum, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Centennial Group, USA
  • Claudio Loser, President, Former Director, Western Hemisphere, International Monetary Fund, President, Centennial Group Latin America, USA
  • Pedro Malan, Former Minister of Finance of Brazil, Chairman and Board of Directors, Unibanco, Brazil
  • Carlos Mesa, Former President of Bolivia
  • Marcilio Moreira, Former Minister of Finance of Brazil
  • Moises Naí­m, Editor, Foreign Policy and Chairman of the Group of 50, USA
  • Sylvie Naville, Forum Manager, Emerging Markets Forum, USA
  • Xavier Nogales, Former Minister of Economy, Minister of Hydrocarbons and Central Bank Governor, Bolivia
  • Juan Sevilla, President, Saludsa, Ecuador