The 2006 Global Meeting of the Emerging Markets Forum was held in Jakarta, Indonesia in September. PT Danareksa (Persero) of Indonesia was the local host and sponsor.

The Jakarta Meeting was co-chaired by former President Ramos and Michel Camdessus and had between 70-75 participants.

As at the inaugural meeting, the overarching theme of the 2006 global meeting was Private Capital Flows and Emerging Market Economies. Within this overall theme, four to five related issues were explored in depth, including global and regional financial integration, better deployment of the current “savings glut” in Asia, and mechanisms for financing huge infrastructure needs of fast growing economies.

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2006 Global Meeting of the EMF Background Papers

Private Capital Flows to Emerging Market Economies: Major Drivers, Recent Developments and Key Issues

By V. Sundararajan and Harinder Kohli, The Centennial Group.

Building Asia’s Infrastructure: Issues and Options

By Haruhiko Kuroda, Rajat Nag, and Rita Nangia, Asian Development Bank.

Financial Markets in Latin America

By Claudio Loser, Centennial Latin America.

Asian Financial Markets and Asian Bond Markets Initiative

By Eisuke Sakakibara, Waseda University.

The International Capital Flows’ New Directions

By Marcio Marques Moreira, Centennial Latin America.

Global Imbalances and Capital Flows to Emerging Market Countries

By Jack Boorman, Emerging Markets Forum.

Infrastructure Development and Services in Selected Emerging Market and OECD Countries: Key Indicators

By Harpaul Alberto Kohli, The Centennial Group.

Latin American and East Asian Trade Strategies

By Luis Miguel Castilla, CAF.

Outward Foreign Direct Investment from India

By Rakesh Jha, ICICI Bank Limited, India.

Building National and Regional Financial Markets: The East Asian Experience

By Andrew Sheng, University of Malaya & Tsinghua University, Malaysia.

FDI Outflows from Emerging Economies

By Heinz Hauser, Swiss Institute for International Economics & Applied Economic Research and University of St.Gallen.

New Global Energy Scene and Emerging Markets

By Armando Ribeiro de Araujo, Centennial Latin America.

The local team in Indonesia was headed by David Agus at PT Danareksa.