2005 Inaugural Meeting of the Emerging Markets Forum, December 9-11, 2005 Oxford, United Kingdom

The 2005 Inaugural Meeting of the Emerging Markets Forum was held in Oxford, United Kingdom between December 9-11, 2005.

Themes and Topics
Discussion Topics
Action Agenda

The framework for the inaugural forum encompassed three themes:

-How national policy makers can exploit synergies from policies on capital flows, domestic capital markets, exchange rates and trade.
-How world regions can learn from each other and in particular, how the rest of the world can learn from Asian experience.
-How emerging market countries can balance their needs for capital with the resolution of social issues.

Within the framework of these themes the forum addressed issues related with:

Direct Foreign Investment in emerging market countries by OECD countries and by other emerging market countries, the potential benefits of which to investing companies and host economies are not well understood.

-Portfolio Investment Flows that have recently been growing in scale but are still regarded with suspicion by some people in emerging market economies and raise questions about increasing their scale and reducing their year to year volatility.
-Outsourcing and Off-shoring of production and services in emerging market countries which entail movements of jobs and revenues from OECD to emerging market economies and are the subject of fierce political and economic debate in both groups of countries.