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Mustering the private sector for development and climate in the Global South – Is it realistic? is a recent working paper
About the speech by the Governor of Banque de France  –        AFP : L’euro résiste, mais le marché inquiet profite au dollar
About the speech by H.E. Alassane Dramane Ouattara, President of Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) –        News.abidjan.net – Dîner de gala du Forum des Marchés Émergents
Press Coverage for the Paris conference 2022 – Emerging Markets Forum –        Les Echos : La réforme du système monétaire international revient sur
Our 16th Global Meeting will take place in Morocco from 10 to 12 October 2023 in Marrakech. It will be organized in collaboration
On April 4, our distinguished fellow Johannes F. Linn had the pleasure of speaking at the Caspian Policy Center on
As a part of the work behind EMF’s latest book, The Belt and Road Initiative & Global 2030 Sustainability, a
As a part of the work behind EMF’s latest book, The Belt and Road Initiative & Global 2030 Sustainability, a
Climate Funds: Time to Clean Up is a recent paper by Philippe Le Houerou, the Co-Chairman of the Eurasia Emerging Markets
On January 25th, in a hybrid format, EMF held a book launch seminar in DC on its latest book: The Belt
On the sidelines of the 5th Lisbon Conference, Harinder Kohli had the pleasure of speaking with Mário Rui Cardoso from
We successfully hosted the 15th Global Meeting of the Emerging Markets Forum in collaboration with Banque de France in Paris
On May 31, 2022, at Oxford Martin School, Emerging Markets Forum launched Envisioning 2060: Opportunities & Risks for Emerging Markets.
Emerging Markets Forum –        Les Echos : La réforme du système monétaire international revient sur la table | Les Echos About the speech
In 2016, the Emerging Markets Forum (EMF) published a seminal work The World in 2050: Striving for a more Just,
Today, Emerging Markets Forum released a new report entitled ‘World Economy after the Pandemic.’ This paper focuses on recent developments
Nearly a year ago, the world lost a champion of development with the passing of President Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania. President
4th annual OECD-EMF meeting calls for better global dialogue to ensure efficient post COVID-19 crisis recovery The Emerging Markets Forum gathered
OECD-EMF DeclarationDownload Summary of the MeetingDownload Final ProgramDownload Final Participants’ ListDownload Session I Presentation Post-Covid World by Harinder KohliDownload Paper
We are most honored and pleased to announce that Sir Suma Chakrabarti, has agreed to be the Co-Chair of the
Background Paper: Rethinking Development Finance and Debt by Andrew Sheng List of participants as of April 16
We are most pleased to announce that Mr. Philippe Le Houérou, hasagreed to be the Co-Chair of the Eurasia Meeting
The passing of Jack Boorman is a loss to the Multilateral and International Economic Community. His contributions to the understanding
All of us at the Emerging Markets Forum were saddened to learn of passing away of Dr. Isher Judge Ahluwalia.
Marta Lucia Ramirez, The Vice President of Colombia 14th Global Meeting of the Emerging Markets Forum @EmrgMktsForum
Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies publishes original research and commentary related to emerging economies and the Emerging Market Forums’
Mr. Narvekar, an Indian National, had a very long and distinguished career at the Fund that spanned four decades starting
百余名来自全球多个国家与地区以及国际组织的代表日前齐聚美国首都华盛顿附近的兰思当社区,就“一带一路”倡议6年来的建设成效和未来前景进行研讨。多国政商学界人士展示了“一带一路”在促进世界联通和推动相关国家经济增长方面的事例,对所谓的“债务陷阱”论调予以驳斥,并认为“一带一路”将为相关国家和地区的进一步发展拓宽道路。   六年“成绩单”获赞赏   在22日闭幕的新兴市场论坛2019年度全球会议上,来自全球政商学界的130多位人士重点围绕“一带一路”提出6年来的发展历程进行了讨论,论坛主办方还发布以“一带一路”在中亚和南高加索地区的实践为研究样本的新书《中国的“一带一路”——中亚和南高加索潜在转型》。 该书编写者、华盛顿智库百年集团主席哈林德尔·科利在接受新华社记者专访时指出,中国在哈萨克斯坦建造的铁路、在希腊建造的港口、在东欧建造的桥梁和在非洲建造的诸多建筑在全球范围都是高标准。“一带一路”是“完美榜样”,将“唤起全球对新兴市场的关注”。   会议期间,来自多个共建“一带一路”国家的人士介绍了“一带一路”助推本国经济增长的事例。巴基斯坦总理顾问伊什拉特·侯赛因对新华社记者表示,中国在巴基斯坦开展的诸多“一带一路”项目帮助巴解决了电力匮乏等问题。
20 October 2019 NEW RELEASE Washington DC, 20 October – Potential pitfalls from Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) investments can
Since its launch in 2013, China’s massive Belt and Road Initiative has become a highly talked-about global development initiative. We
Mesdames et Messieurs,C’est pour moi un plaisir d’être avec vous, dans cette réunion, dont le thème porte sur la gouvernance
Introduction of the Speech It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity to give a speech at the Emerging
As in the past, the Forum was co-chaired by Michel Camdessus, Honorary Chairman, Banque de France and former Managing Director,
China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a potential gamechanger for the Central Asia and South Caucasus (CASC) region. CASC