2019 Global Meeting of the Emerging Markets Forum, October 20-22, Virginia, USA

  • As in the past, the Forum was co-chaired by Michel Camdessus, Honorary Chairman, Banque de France and former Managing Director, IMF; Enrique Garcia, Former President and Chief Executive Officer, CAF – Development Bank of Latin America; Takehiko Nakao, President, Asian Development Bank (ADB); and Hiroshi Watanabe, Chairman, Institute for International Monetary Affairs.

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Linqun Jin, the founding Chairman and President of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has graciously accepted our invitation to join the Emerging Markets Forum as a co-chair as well. He was with us at Lansdowne as you will see from this program.


This year, the agenda was built under the following over-arching theme: Steering Emerging Markets Economies in a Turbulent World. As in the past, this year’s Global Meeting brings together about 100 prominent policy makers, private sector leaders and intellectuals from around the world to have open and vibrant discussions on below carefully selected topics over two and half days.


2019 Global Meeting of the Emerging Markets Forum

• Global Economic Governance
• Prospects of Democracies
• An Action Program to Fight Inequality Worldwide
• Challenges of Improving Governance and Fighting Corruption in Emerging Markets
• Jobs and New Technologies
• Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management
• Economic Outlook of Asia
• Reviving Latin America’s Economy & Social Performance in a Turbulent World
• Claiming Africa’s Place in a Turbulent World
• Belt & Road Initiative: Policy Lessons from Central Asia and Africa

Background papers:

Governance Challenges in Emerging Markets: From Here to Denmark

Addressing Income Inequality: Key Issues, Policy Recommendations and Long-Term Scenarios

Where is Latin America Going: Developments and Medium-term Prospects

Impact of Technological Changes on Emerging Markets

Governance Challenges in Emerging Markets: From Here to Denmark

State of Democracies in Asia: Lessons from Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia

Climate and Disaster Resilience

Policy Paper on Belt and Road Initiative


Final Program of the 2019 EMF Global Meeting

Program of the 2019 EMF Global Meeting

Participants’ Profile


For Sustainable Development of Emerging Economies

By Haruhiko Kuroda, Governor, Bank of Japan


By Aichatou Boulama Kane, Minister of Planning of Niger

Challenges of Transforming Commodity-based Economies in a Fast-Changing World

By Stephen Groff, Governor of National Development Fund of Saudi Arabia


An Economic Perspective on BRI: Six Years after Its Launch

Inequality Presentation

By Jorge Guzman and Jose Fajgenbaum

Presentation on Democracy

By Harukata Takenaka

Presentation on Democracy

By Mie Oba


By Megumi Muto


By Emma Porio


By Alberto Pfeifer

Managing Global Liquidity as a Global Public Good

By Bernard Snoy

By Marta Lucía Ramírez, Vice President of Colombia


By Michel Camdessus, Co-Chair, Emerging Markets Forum

20 October 2019

Proactive policies and institutional reforms can avoid pitfalls from BRI investments, according to new study

In our Global Meeting this year, we will launch our new book. Click here to learn more about China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Potential Transformation of Central Asia and the South Caucasus.

BRI gets international approval by Xinhua News Agency

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