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The 10th Global Meeting of the Emerging Markets Forum: Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Tokyo, November 3-5, 2015

Final Program

Preliminary Program

Participants’ Profiles

Closing Remarks by Michel Camdessus

Closing Remarks

Background Papers:

Central Asia 2050 Overview

Global Emerging Market Economies in 2050: Is Rapid Convergence Dead or alive – Introduction and Overview? by Harinder S. Kohli

Governance of the Global Economic, Financial, and Monetary system -? The G7 and G20, and the role of the International Monetary Fund by Jack Boorman

Where Will  Emerging Markets Stand in Global Trade? by Pascal Lamy

Urbanization and Development from 2010 to 2050 by Gregory K. Ingram

Emerging Markets and Climate Change by Alexander Pfeiffer and Cameron Hepburn

Longer-Term Prospects for the Emerging Market Economies: Is the era of Rapid Convergence coming to an End? by Claudio Loser et al.

Crop Yields and the Prospect for Food Security by Marco Ferroni and Yuan Zhou

Technology 2050: A Potential Landscape by R. A. Mashelkar

Emerging Market Finance 2050 by Andrew Sheng

The State of Global Governance: An Assessment by Montek Ahluwalia


For questions about the Global Meeting, please contact Hanzhi Jiang (judy@centennial-group.com)