The Third Global Meeting of the Emerging Markets Forum took place between the 29th of June 2008 till the 1st of July 2008 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The first two Global Meetings took place in Oxford, United Kingdom in 2005 and Jakarta, Indonesia in 2006.This meeting was hosted under the patronage of the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam.

This meeting was co- chaired by President Fidel Ramos, Former President of the Philippines, and Haruhiko Kuroda, President of the Asian Development Bank. The meeting was a great success attracting around 100 leaders and thinkers from both the public and private sector. The issues that were discussed at the meeting were Recent Financial Developments and Emerging Market Economies; Regional Trade, Investment and Financial Markets; and Climate Change.

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2008 Global Meeting of the EMF Background Papers

Income Disparity and Growth

    • — published in the EMF Journal, Issue 1

By Vinod Thomas, World Bank.

The Prospects for Latin America: Risks and Opportunities with a Historical Perspective (Rev. June 2008)

Claudio Loser, The Centennial Group.

Regional Integration of Capital Markets in ASEAN: Recent Developments, Issues, and Strategies (With Special Reference to Equity Markets)

    • — published in the EMF Journal, Issue 1

By Jaseem Ahmed, Asian Development Bank, and V. Sundararajan, The Centennial Group.

The Coming of Age of Sovereign Wealth Funds: Perspectives and Policy Issues Within and Beyond Borders

    • — published in the EMF Journal, Issue 1

By Adriana Arreaza, Luis Miguel Castilla, and Cristina Fernández, Corporación Andina de Fomento.

Cross-Border Trade and Investment among Emerging Economies: Lessons from differing experiences in Africa, Asia and Latin America

    • — *published in the EMF Journal, Issue 1

By Claudio Loser, The Centennial Group.

Climate Change: Opportunities for Africa

    • — published in the EMF Journal, Issue 2

By Maria Ramos and Vuyo Kahla, Transnet Limited.

Business Opportunities in Africa for CDM-Projects and Carbon Trading

    • — published in the EMF Journal, Issue 2

By Rolf M Jeker, Emerging Market Services Ltd.

Comparison of Key Infrastructure Indicators for Selected Emerging Market and OECD Countries

By Harpaul Alberto Kohli, The Centennial Group.

Climate Change: Priority Agenda for Policy Makers and Opportunities for Business in Emerging Markets in Asia

By Bindu Lohani, Asian Development Bank.

Will Emerging Markets Remain Resilient to Global Stress?

    • — published in the EMF Journal, Issue 1

By Peter Dattels and Ken Miyajima, IMF.

A Market Player’s View of the Implications of Current Global Financial Turmoil

By Caio Koch-Weser, Gustavo Canonero, Arend Kapteyn, and Michael Spencer, Deutsche Bank.